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What do You Know About
The Purpose-Powered Process workshops?

The Purpose Powered Professional workshopTM
is a potent series of seminars that identify your inner trademark, your distinct mark on the world. Each seminar in the series takes you even deeper in learning how to clearly articulate who you are through compelling language. You gain a new understanding of the most essential knowledge of who you are and learn how to discard what is unimportant.

Here is the challenge. If you are asked if you believe you are unique, you would likely say "Yes, absolutely!" However, when asked to clearly identify and express your uniqueness, more than likely you can't pinpoint EXACTLY what makes you unique. Why is that? The reason is NO ONE thing makes you unique. Your uniqueness is like pieces of a puzzle. When each piece fits together naturally,expressing yourself becomes easy.

Unfortunately, we live in a twisted, "tell me" world where explaining, defending and justifying ourselves is expected. We have lost touch with our innate intelligence that knows what makes us unique! In today's trendy, image-building world—driven by fear and competition— you lose the real power to influence others in an authentic way. If you follow the lead of most personal branding strategists, image consultants and professional coaches, they'll lead you down a path where you are lost in the image of your personality, which limits your ultimate self-expression. Is that really what you want? I didn't think so!

Who is Best Suited—You are:

  • ready to experience an unshakable knowing of what is distinctly unique about you, why you're here, and how to articulate that into the world with clarity and congruency. 

  • someone who believes you can impact others without being forced into the world's trendy image. 

  • a person who desires greater clarity of how all of your pieces fit together so you can make the kind of impact and influence that is authentic and profoundly you.

  • dedicated to evolving your spiritual consciousness and caring more about humanity and the planet. 

The Purpose Powered Professional Seminars:

  • Are derived from a compelling methodology that connects the pieces of who you are authentically.

  • Assist you in discovering your distinct fit in the world
  • Give you the ability to speak in language that is convincing and authentic so that you no longer waste precious time explaining or justifying yourself and what you do.
  • Take everything you know about yourself and move you beyond mental and emotional intelligence, refining your understanding into core knowledge.

The Purpose-Powered Professional
is for the courageous of heart who are ready to speak up and out into the world and willing to live authentically. Fuel your desire to live more in the spirit of now and create a deeper impact through your contributions. 

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