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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team of fabulous architects for a very powerful and life-changing seminar. Although I‘ve been pretty clear about my values and how I wanted them to show up in my business and in the marketplace, I was still experiencing some hesitancy to really “speak my truth” and “be heard” in a way that captures people’s attention.

Thanks to your process and the excellent facilitation skills provided, I was able to become aware of the things that were standing in the way of the clear communication I knew I was capable of. The immediate increase in core confidence has been evident in all of my personal and business transactions. This has not only shortened the time frame for me to be able to get appointments, but has also played an impressive role in helping me to communicate why others should want to buy from me (as opposed to me trying to sell them anything). In short, my selling skills have become much more effective as a result of the work we did together.

In closing, all I can say is “wow—I wish I had done this 4 years ago!.” The truth is, it would have shortened my “research & development process” by quite a bit. Congratulations on having developed a very worthwhile process that will help many people for years to come.

Sheyenne Kreamer
Triangle Solutions Alliance, Inc.

Following the P3 workshop, I had my first million-dollar month in real estate sales. Something in the process kicked in a mere two months after completing the weekend.
Marsha Burger Co-Founder Hallmark Real Estate

This workshop led by Drew Becker provided me with a comfortable and uplifting setting in which to uncover my true essence. Most importantly, I gained a higher sense of my authentic self through guided introspective exercises. Drew was sensitive throughout the entire process and truly has a passion for allowing others to embrace their own passions. Following the workshop, I have had more confidence in my ideas and a growing awareness of my life’s possibilities."
Carolee Carlson, Inspire, Inc.

I was unemployed when an email about this workshop arrived; of course, I hit the Delete button. The last thing I need to do is spend money! But I felt lost and unfulfilled at this point in my life and didn’t want to look for yet just another job. With some urging I decided to attend. Afterwards, I discovered my life purpose, gained inner strength and felt a sense of peace. I was offered a fulfilling and purposeful job two weeks after the workshop.
Y. Mandeville

The workshop was very powerful for all participating. It led me to a place of feeling even more deeply rooted in who I am and how and I wish to contribute. The connections made were profound and the degree to which every participant stepped up to the task of being their greatest self uplifted and inspired me for some time after the workshop was complete. The workshop encouraged me to stay rooted in my values and convictions and to come from that knowing. It was fun to experience a workshop that felt so co-creative between the leader and the participants. It really honored us as human beings. I have taken other workshops and this one was be far the most valuable.
V. Olive

An awesome weekend. I had done a lot of the work prior to the weekend, but the beauty is that the process helps you move to the next level regardless of where you are when you experience the weekend. For me the weekend validated the things that I had been learning and helped me to apply those lessons to my relationships.
C. Anderson

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