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Genece is the founder of Personal Branding DNATM, authentic personal branding from the inside-out and Your Essential DNATM Seminars.  These programs have been adapted into the current Purpose Powered Professional Programs. Working with Genece to construct these programs and becoming proficient in presenting and facilitating them has been a pleasure as well as deeply transformative.

For 20+ years, she has been a maverick and entrepreneur in the world of small business marketing and branding. She is a philosopher who has spent 35 years in the study and deeper understanding of language, influence and perception.

Genece Hamby

Genece has moved on to new endeavors and has moved west. She is pursuing her dreams as an artist and continues to bloom in realizing her full authenticity. Her path is of the gypsy and she has lived in multiple locations since leaving the Raleigh, N.C. area. One should expect that she will continue to transform as she encouraged partipants in all her programs to do.

Click on Shibuistudio to catch up with some of her latest projects.

"Genece Hamby is a deep, passionate spunky real-world woman who has a direct connection to the muses, wisdom from a profound intelligence and who takes bold action on her inner guidance." Jane Norton, Sustainability Consultant

"The best way to describe Genece is by saying she is an uncommon woman who is profound, original and authentic. From the first moment you speak with her, you'll experience being moved where it counts most--in your heart. Listen to what she has to say and you'll open to a new way of thinking about yourself that the rest of the world isn't teaching you."  KT, CEO 


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