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“Drew Becker provided me with a comfortable and uplifting setting in which to uncover my true essence. He was sensitive throughout the entire process and truly has a passion for allowing others to embrace their own passions.”
Carolee Carlson

After becoming certified as a facilitator and a master trainer in the Personal Branding DNATM process, Drew became the first certified facilitator and trainer for Your Essential DNATM Seminars. These seminars are based on the authentic personal branding program Your Essential DNATM which works from the inside-out. Beginning his career as an educator, Drew left to perform technical and marketing writing in the corporate world. After some 15 years of working in technical and corporate communications, he moved on to begin a marketing company. During the period when he was starting his company, Convey Ink, he participated in the new one-on-one Personal Branding DNA program with Genece Hamby who founded the process.

As Genece began building these programs, she spent a great deal of time researching books, authors, and experts. Most of what she found were experts who validated and affirmed that we each have a unique gift and that there is no one thing about us that makes us unique. She was intrigued by the fact that no one seemed to provide a tangible framework to capture the structure of that uniqueness. Finding this foundation lacking, she built it. She created a methodology for individuals to see the pieces of their unique DNA puzzle as a coherent and cohesive picture that encompasses more than their outward roles and identity. 

Drew worked with Genece to edit early versions of the Personal Branding DNA training manuals and became well versed in the concepts as the two of them worked together to create clear materials for others to learn how to facilitate the process. His heavy involvement led to his interest in becoming the first facilitator and trainer in the current Your Essential DNA seminar programs.


Drew Becker


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